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Flavorseal Continues to Develop Full Line of Netting Products for Meat Processors

January 23, 2014

New Innovations, Knitting Plant Speed, Expansion in Product Line


Flavorseal continues the expansion of their netting solutions for the meat processing industry with a combination of new product development and a full line of knitted netting manufactured in their own knitting facility. Combined with their elastic and plastic extruded netting, Flavorseal’s comprehensive netting line offers a solution for every stage of the manufacturing process, helping ensure the correct net is always available for their customers.

“We are very proud of how we have developed this product line to encompass the complete process, from the plant to the grocery store.” said Chris Carroll, president of Flavorseal. “The added benefit of our knitting facility gives us both production flexibility and quality control, so we are able to improve time for new product development and react quickly to customer needs.”

Finding new ways to improve the use of netting for meat processing has been a part of the company’s mission since the beginning. Flavorseal’s most recent netting innovation is their Seasoning Transfer Netting. This product combines Flavorseal’s Tight Weave Netting with a patented seasoning transfer technology to create a pre-seasoned net that forms, shapes and flavors in one processing step.   Additional products are currently in development and are scheduled for release during 2014.