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Adding Flavor to Proteins: Interview with Flavorseal’s Seasoning Product Manager

April 2, 2014


To continue the conversation about seasoning, we talked to our market manager of seasoned products, Jason Reicks, to answer a few questions about adding flavor to proteins.

Why are processors interested in adding flavors to proteins?
“It’s what consumers have been asking for! We started seeing it on restaurant menus, and now spicy and bold flavors are in almost every department in the grocery store. Bacon, cheese, deli meats – it’s all about taking the ordinary and making it a little more interesting.”

How do processors add flavors to proteins?
“That depends on what type of protein and the type of flavoring to be added. Flavor can be injected into the meat/meat block, or applied to the surface. If it is applied to the surface, the processor can use a hand application, a seasoning sheet, or a seasoned casing. Sometimes it’s a combination of methods to get the exact flavor profile the processor wants.”

What are some of the more interesting flavors you’ve seen emerging recently?
“We are all familiar with the spicy trends – habañero, jalapeño, chipotle. Personally, I like the idea of adding sweetness in there to balance things out. For example, a mango jalapeño ham slice would be a really interesting combination.”


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