Flavorseal is THE cook-chill expert, and we have everything you need for your cook-chill kitchen.


Flavorseal is THE cook-chill expert, and we have everything you need for your cook-chill kitchen.


Cook Chill Bags

Flavorseal’s Cook-Chill Bags were designed for cook-chill systems and cook-freeze applications.

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Cook/Freeze Multi-Purpose Food Storage Bags

Multipurpose storage bags can be used to store food in the freezer for long periods, or for fresh food storage in the refrigerator.

meat tank bags thumbnail

Barrier II Meat Tank Bags

Cook meat products slow and long in a cook tank or steam oven.

  • Extremely durable for loading and handling during processing 
  • Various bag sizes available

Easy-Fill Ring Stand

Easy-Fill Ring Stands

Specially designed to fit our cook-chill bags, our ring stands allow hands-free filling of cook-chill bags.

  • Can accommodate both long & short bags
  • Lightweight, durable, stainless steel construction

Portable Circulating Chiller gallery

Portable Circulating Chiller

Quickly cool bagged food to recommended temperatures without investing in large equipment.

  • No plumbing hookup required
  • Container is certified to NSF standards #2 and #21

Cook-Chill Crate thumbnail

Cook-Chill Crates

The cook-chill crate’s strong, lightweight construction ensures durability.   The open-weave design maximizes airflow for even cooling.

  • Easily stack and store bagged product.
  • Made of heavy-duty, USDA-accepted polyethylene

Cook-Chill Dolly

Cook-Chill Dollies

Flavorseal cook-chill dollies hold up to fast-paced kitchen environments and have extra wide wheels for added stability on uneven surfaces.

  • 5” high by 2” wide rubber wheels
  • Four swiveling casters for easy maneuvering


Cook-Chill System – Kettles, Pumps, and Chillers

Let Flavorseal’s cook-chill experts help you select the correct equipment for your cook-chill system.

Pens & Charts - Cook-Chill

Pens and Charts

Simplify record-keeping with pens and charts from Flavorseal.


Let Flavorseal develop a strategic solution for your food packaging challenges. Tell us more about your food packaging needs.